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Everyone deserves affordable and quality healthcare

Krisa and Ee Kent created this social platform to connect people with our international team of medical doctors and specialists. Our medical team go through a thorough evaluation and on-boarding process.

To provide 24/7 answers to your medical and health questions with utmost discretion and privacy. Your questions to our doctors will fund medical consultations to underprivileged communities where healthcare and medical attention are needed urgently.

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3. For every session with you, we give one free to an underprivileged community. Benefit more with our subscription plans.

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Wide ranging medical specialties participating in our social cause, bringing medical access to the impoverished communities

Once, in the middle of the night I broke out into a severe rash! I tried to self-medicate with my sunscreen lotions but there was a burning sensation! I was so terrified! Fortunately I was able to contact a doctor on D&A and get immediate advice. He diligently went through every single ingredient in the lotion until we found out that one ingredient was unsuitable for rash
Matthew Y.



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