December 9, 2018


  • Once, in the middle of the night I broke out into a severe rash! I tried to self-medicate with my sunscreen lotions but there was a burning sensation! I was so terrified! Fortunately I was able to contact a doctor on D&A and get immediate advice. He diligently went through every single ingredient in the lotion until we found out that one ingredient was unsuitable for rash. Thank you for saving me!!

    Matthew Y.

  • I have been trying different diets for weight loss in the past year – Ketogenic diet, no carb diet etc. They all worked awhile but there was side effects. I was having severe gastric pains. I consulted Doctors and Answers and the doctor patiently gathered all my details and advised me the best way to lose weight. He was able to provide me many evidence of crash diets failure and convince me to lose weight healthily. It is good to have professional advice on a live chat like a friend!

    Thomas D.

    Client Service Manager
  • I am newly pregnant and have so many questions! The gynae visits are so rare and far between, I was so excited when I knew that theres a gynaecologist live chat! Its so easy to ask questions like, ‘is it safe to eat grapes?’, ‘why do I have a brown line on my tummy?’ and etc. Any questions and boom! Immediate answers from specialists.

    Sandra P.

    1. When my friend introduced me this application, I thought it might be a good chance to ask my most intimate question. I always had questions about my genital organ but am too shy to consult a doctor. This app provides me the privacy I needed.

    Chris P.

  • I love this app!! I am an avid member of medical forums and would ask advice on my hair loss. There’s so many people giving their own opinions but how many can be trusted? Most just want to sell their hair products. The doctors here give unbiased objective opinions and the consultations are so affordable!

    Donovan L.

    Systems Developer
  • I travel frequently and it’s usually hard for me to find time to see a doctor. OTC medications are the easiest for me and over the years I have learnt quite a number of names. D&A is great because they have pharmacists to explain the various drugs and their uses. Its fast and I don’t have to spend time waiting at the clinic.

    Laura K.

    Audit Manager
  • This app saved my life. I had a sudden numbness on the right side of my face and thought it was a problem with my sleeping position. Fortunately my friend asked me to try this app so I asked about it. After chatting for a while, the doctor told me to go to the hospital and seek immediate advice. I was diagnosed to have a pre stroke! Bless that doctor.

    Santosh P.

  • I had a ear block for days and it was irritating me. I found a ENT specialist on this app and consulted him about it. I could even take photos and show him some of the discharge from my ear. After following his recommendation to get medicated ear drops the problem is solved. Its good to hear again!

    Patrick L.

    Store Manager
  • In my country, seeing a doctor is expensive. There is consultation fee at private clinics if you want to avoid the long queue. This live chat consultation is almost like a real life consultation at a fraction of the price. I hope the app will support video calls soon

    Jenny Y.

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